November’s Member of the Month!


In the heart of the Smoky Mountains, our community theater thrives not just on the stage but behind the scenes, thanks to individuals like Ron Lerch. This month, we’re proud to shine the spotlight on Ron, our Smoky Mountain Community Theatre’s “Member of the Month.”

Ron’s journey with the theatre is a tale woven with love for the arts and a desire to contribute. Hailing from Central Florida, Ron and his wife, Jeannie, made the Smoky Mountains their home in 2003 after purchasing land in the ’80s. Full-time residents for the past three years, they’ve become ingrained in the fabric of our charming small town.

Over the years, Ron and Jeannie enjoyed the diverse offerings of our theatre, from captivating movies to dance lessons and live performances. It was this connection that sparked Ron’s initiative to give back. With a background in construction, including crafting parade floats for boats, Ron saw an opportunity to use his skills to benefit the theatre. As he eloquently puts it, “With my construction experience, making parade floats for boats, I thought the Theatre could use my help.”

But Ron’s commitment doesn’t stop at the theater doors. His love for the small-town atmosphere, where the distant train whistle and a rooster’s crow bring smiles to their front porch moments, motivates him to contribute to the community. Beyond the required volunteer hours, Ron has taken the initiative to extend his efforts into the community, embodying the true spirit of giving back.

The board’s decision to crown Ron as “Member of the Month” goes beyond his dedication on the volunteer sheet. It’s a celebration of someone who goes above and beyond, who sees opportunities to make a difference and seizes them with enthusiasm. As we eagerly anticipate the reopening of our beloved theatre, Ron Lerch stands as a beacon of community spirit, a testament to the transformative power of individuals dedicated to making a difference.

Congratulations, Ron! Your passion, dedication, and community spirit make you a shining star in our Smoky Mountain Community Theatre family. Here’s to the joy your presence brings and the anticipation of the curtain rising once again.


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