Sam Pattillo

Town Manager, Town of Bryson City

On behalf of the Town of Bryson City, I would like to express our support for any available grants for repairs to the Smoky Mountain Community Theatre (SMCT). The building that is currently used for the Smoky Mountain Community Theatre has been part of our Town’s history since 1950. It started as the Gem Theatre and was purchased in 1996 by the SMCT which is a 501(c)(3). This building and the shows performed there are such an important part of our community. It draws local crowds and tourists alike. Naturally, a building this age needs repairs and improvements; however, since Covid-19 pandemic the SMCT has not been able to perform which has resulted in loss of revenue in ticket sales. I believe our whole community would benefit greatly from grants that could be used to help make repairs to this iconic building. Our hope is that in the very near future, we can all enjoy live performances again.